FAQ- Coach

Q: Do I need experience to coach a team?
For recreational soccer, we are always looking for volunteer coaches whether you are a seasoned player/coach or new to soccer!  Our coaches are exposed to coaching clinics, receive reference material, and are provided the opportunity to attend club team training sessions to enhance coaching development.  For those interested in coaching a competitive team, please contact advancedteams@svslvsoccerclub.org

Q: Can I coach more than one team?
Yes, coaches can coach more than one team, and we try our best to coordinate schedules and game days.  It is helpful to have an assistant coach that can cover in the event there are conflicts.

Q:What type of equipment is provided?
Rec team coaches will receive soccer balls, team uniforms, and practice lesson materials.

Q:How long is the season?
Practices typically start by mid-August with games starting the weekend after Labor Day and ending 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

Q:What are the time requirements?
– U6: Typically practices 1x per week (Fridays), and has a 9-10 weekend (Sundays)
– U8: Typically practices 1x per week, and has a 9-10 weekend (mostly Saturday)
– U10-U19: Typically practices 2x per week, and has a 9-10 game season (mostly Saturday)
-U9 to U19: Pracies 2x per week, 9-10 game season (Saturday or Sunday)

Please feel free to contact a coach coordinator with any additional questions.

Rec coaches in SLV: coachescoordinator-slv@svslvsoccerclub.org
Rec coaches in Scotts Valley: coachescoordinator-sv@svslvsoccerclub.org
Comp:  advancedteams@svslvsoccerclub.org