FAQ – Rec Soccer

Registration opens in early May. Register before June 30 to avoid late fees. Registration remains open until teams are filled. Some teams fill-up before the late fee deadline. Register early!
All players receive a uniform (jersey, shorts, socks). Your coach receives team training equipment and soccer balls. Fees also pay for fields, referees, field lining, insurance, scholarships, team equipment, soccer goals, nets, and maintenance.
Refunds are available if requested by June 30. There is a $35 processing fee. After June 30, there is a stringent no refund policy. The Club will grant a refund if we cannot place your player on an age appropriate team.
After registering your player and paying the player fee, go back in to the registration system and register as a volunteer. Please note the player you are volunteering to coach. All coaches are subject to Board approval. Coaches must complete a Live Scan background check.  Register to Coach. Coach FAQ
Practices and games are in Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley. Coaches select practice locations based on their preference. All teams have a mix of SV and SLV players. Some players practice outside their geographic preference.
  • U6 coed (4 & 5 yr olds) practices on Fridays with games on Sunday
  • U8 (6 & 7 yr olds) typically practices 1x per week with games on Saturday and Sunday
  • U10 (8 & 9 yr olds) typically practice 1-2x per week with games on Saturday and Sunday
  • U12 (10 & 11 yr olds) typically practice 2x per week with games on Saturday and Sunday
  • U15 (12, 13, & 14 yr olds) typically practice 2x per week with games  on Saturday and Sunday
  • U19 coed (15-18 yr olds) typically practice 2x per week with games on Saturday and Sunday
The program requires family flexibility as practice schedules and locations are not known until August. Coaches select a practice time of 3:30, 5:00, or 6:30 and the day(s) (Monday - Friday) to practice. Coaches typically start practicing by September 1 and may start earlier. Games start the weekend after Labor Day and season ends before Thanksgiving. We schedule games for 70-80 teams each weekend. U8 - U19 play on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the day. U6 has games Sunday afternoon. Game schedules are posted by the end of August. U12 and older coordinate schedules with other county teams. U12 and older play away 3 to 5 games at other county fields in Santa Cruz, Aptos, and Soquel.
Practice schedules are created AFTER teams are formed based on your volunteer coach preference. We cannot provide practice days and times before you register. Before you register, please consider that switching teams or refunds are not be permitted even if practice times are inconvenient. The program requires flexibility. Each year 1000 families commit without knowing the day, time, and location of training. We are a volunteer organization relying on volunteer coaches to guide our teams. Alternatively, you can volunteer to coach a team and select a practice time and location that works for you. No experience needed. We can provide training and equipment. Each season we have enthusiastic first-time coaches.
Coaches can start practicing the week of August 30 depending on field availability. However, this is based on your volunteer coach's schedule and preference. Coaches communicate practice information to teams.
We form balanced teams based on age, skill level, years experience, and gender for coed teams. After the initial grouping, a committee examines each age group and tries to cluster players by school and neighborhoods, if possible. Coaches have their players placed on their team. There are no legacy teams.
We no longer accept buddy and schedule requests. What started as a dozen carpool requests peaked at nearly 500 special requests. The volume and nature of requests became impossible to manage with our limited volunteer staff. If you volunteer to coach, you select a practice time and field that works for your schedule. We offer coaching classes, equipment, and support.  No soccer experience needed.
The Club recommends players play in their age-appropriate bracket (where a team is available). Play-Up an Age Group: Requests are intended for players not challenged in their age group. Please complete contact the registrar@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org, for instructions. Play-Down an Age Group: Players may not play down an age bracket.
There are 2 reasons for this:
  1. We do not have enough coaches to place all players that registered on time.
  2. Sometimes we have only a few players waitlisted, but there are not enough to create an additional team. This is particularly true in older age groups as rosters have more players.
We make as many teams as possible. This is dependent upon the number of volunteer coaches. However, if we do not have enough volunteer coaches in your child’s age group, we start a waitlist. If we are able to place your child on a team, you are notified via email with registration information.
Coaches should notify parents by August 18. We give rosters to coaches and ask they contact families directly. Notification times vary based on your coach's schedule.
SV/SLV SC serves an area that includes both Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley. We don't not have "Scotts Valley" or "Brook Knoll" teams. We attempt to group 3-4 players from a school together so that everyone has a familiar face. However, our first priority is balanced teams by age and experience.
All rec teams have a balance of new and returning players. Players interested in a more competitive experience should consider playing comp soccer.
All players are required to wear socks and shin guards to practice. Most players also wear soccer cleats but athletic shoes are permitted. Metal cleats are not permitted. Baseball and lacrosse cleats are also not permitted due to the toe cleat.
All players are required to wear their SV/SLV SC uniform, socks and shin guards to practice. Most players also wear soccer cleats but athletic shoes are permitted. Metal cleats are not permitted. Baseball and lacrosse cleats are also not permitted due to the toe cleat.
Yes, the application is found under the "RESOURCES" tab.  Applicants do NOT complete online registration.  Some age groups fill up, please mail your application as soon as possible. The postdate on the application determines the registration date. There are times where a scholarship is approved and there is no space on a team. 
Jewelry/Earrings No jewelry of any kind (earring, watches, necklaces etc.) is permitted on the field for both practice and games for any age group. Earrings cannot be taped. The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which is dangerous to a player or other players. Referees determine if an item can be worn without being dangerous. Casts Players having splints or soft casts may be permitted to play with the permission of the referee. If, in the opinion of the onsite referee, the splint or soft cast causes a safety hazard, the player is not allowed to play. Hard plaster casts are considered to pose a danger to both the wearer and other players and are not permitted to be worn. The practice of padding a hard plaster cast does not reduce the element of danger. Glasses Glasses are permitted. Safety straps are encouraged.